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Creation of a website in webflow

Hello, all.

A bit of a vague brief but we are currently looking to build a website with a very limited budget.

The rough design and layout would be created flat by us and we would supply all assets needed for yourself to complete the project.

It’s a very basic website mainly a one page site with a couple pages coming off of it.

It does need to have a cms system and Ecommerce but currently the client has only two items to sell. But this number will increase.

A very short brief but I am sending this out to see roughly how much people could create this for and how long it would roughly take?


******UPDATE. Thanks for all the messages i have received for this post. I am sorry i haven’t replied to all of the messages. We are currently waiting for the client to pick one of the routes we have presented them to take this project forward. So currently we are not in the position to pick a designer to work with just yet.


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@Matthew_Webber hi! Have you had any reactions? The site you’re describing isn’t ‘basic’ in my honest opinion. You’ll want several pages (assuming home + about + contact), setting up cms so the site includes a blog or something similar and setting up e-commerce. That’s $500 on the very low end, in my mind. Have you considered using a template and adding the content yourself? Not to be crude but this sort of work is always more involved than what is often assumed.


A home page with several static pages, an integrated CMS solution and an ecommerce store that needs to be scalable for the future?

This isn’t a very basic website.

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Hello Matthew,
I would love to assist you with your requirements. A five-minute chat would be helpful. looking for your reply, thank you.

Luis vane

That’s a very short brief indeed… From the info you give and what I’d infer from it, the work required is something like that:

  • preparing assets from your design
  • creating “a few” static pages
  • configuring the CMS
  • configuring ecommerce solution
  • configuring the SEO
  • making the site responsive
  • adding other integration needed (Analytics…)
  • managing issues and changes (there will be some, there always are…)

That’s no small task and would take at least a couple days of dedicated work, but likely more…
If you want to get this as cheap as possible, I recommend spending a bit more time on the brief and really breaking all tasks down to be super clear on what you outsource and what you do yourself or with your client. Otherwise, from my experience, it risks be a stressful project that end’s being much more expensive than what you and your client hoped for…

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Well said @Pasint :+1:
I agree ^

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I sent you a private message.


Hello @Matthew_Webber,

I agree with what @sarahfrison says, you will be better off styling a template or hiring someone to do it for you. If you want to hire someone to build the whole site from scratch, even if it is simple, on a per hour basis or on a flat rate, you are looking at about 1000-3000$. So why don’t you pick a template, set all the assets and then hire someone to style the template for you, that way you will get a more realistic quote and timeframe to complete your project.