Could I pay someone to help me with my webflow project?

Im struggling so much to make my portfolio on webflow- I have the basics down, but Im having trouble with my project pages because they are apart of a CMS collection but I want each page to be slightly unique. The rich text box is giving me barely any creative freedom to show each case study. I feel like I always do things that somehow mess everything else up. I would only need a few hours- maybe $45 an hour? Once I learn how to do what I want to do I can do the rest myself.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Emily McClain UX

Hi Emily, there are some techniques you can use to do that, I’ll share a cloneable I did that gives you some approaches for variant collection page & collection item layouts.

The rich text area is another good area to expand capability, have a look at Finweet’s powerful rich text, and the Refokus rich text enhancer for some tools there.

If you’re wanting a coder / mentor to help you setup some of the features and learn how to use & configure them effectively, give me a shout.

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