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Navigation links not landing on the DIV ID

The published Webflow space (temporarily) is here:

The nav links should be sending the browser to the top of a section that has the ID Div tag (or what might be called an anchor). Instead it lands below the start of the container by approximately 230 pixels. This happens with each of the nav links.

Looking at the source code, I can see the HREF and ID codes seem to be in the correct location and they match. I thought perhaps some of the positional options for display could be an issue, but at that top container and the section below everything is set to zero or auto. What am I missing? (Besides a clue.)

» Link: href="#We-Are"
» ID: div class=“w-section we-are” id=“We-Are”

Hi @AbiGezunt great question.

The link will move you down to the element with the ID you Sent. That element will be positioned at the top of the browser window. In your case your fixed header is covering that element.

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Still not sure how i correct for this using Webflow. As best as i can tell using a digital caliper, every nav link is off by the same amount.

In a different iteration of the site ( i did not have a similar issue. Same fixed nav, though the navigation container was added last in my current issue, but was just about the first element when designing the previous iteration.

can you post a public link to the version with the issue. I’ll have a look at it for you.

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The site where the nav links work properly is:

The problematic site is:

Thank you so very much!

sorry, can you post a public link to your editor for the site that is having the issue.

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