Anchor/ID links aligning incorrectly

I’ve got a series of links to various sections throughout my site (if you want to take a peek at what I’m referring to, check out the weddings-engagements page. The links can be found in the hover menu at right, or way down the page in the footer where it links to the sections in the page).

It used to work when I was using a different top nav bar, but now that I’ve replaced that, the anchor links are no longer working properly.

If you click them, it seems to take you to the section, but aligns the BOTTOM of the browser with the top of the section, instead of the desired outcome of linking the TOP of the browser to the top of the desired section.

Any ideas why this might be happening? I’m totally befuddled. :thinking: Thank you!

In case anyone else has this issue, Webflow support got in touch with me and the solution was as simple as dropping the side navigation (that was linking to the different section IDs) in its own plain div block. Now things are working again!

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