Link to section scrolls too far down

I know it has something to do with my top navigation but I am not sure how to fix this.

Here is a page where you can see how it goes down too far - Glossary

Here is my read-only link - Webflow - Midway ISD

Thank you

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey @icanCreate, in this case, I would add an visibly hidden element with absolute position on top of each section. It can have 0 width and height = to height of your nav. Then anchor the buttons to that element instead.

I added an empty div above the div where I want it to go. I gave the empty div a height and link to that div id but it still does not work. If I move that empty div up a few sections it works.

Thanks for the help.

Hey Robert, your site is unpublished so I can’t see it, and I don’t know what problem you’re having. However one issue I see frequently is when the sticky nav overlaps a scroll-to section too much.

The approach I use to overcome that depends on the situation, but the basic idea is to set the top margin of the section to a negative amount, say -200px, and then use the top padding to compensate for that with e.g. +200px.

Here’s some detail on how to deal with buttons- above, and styled section backgrounds;

The site is published now if that helps. Thank you

Yep, I guessed right- the technique I described above solves your problem.
I’ve added a video there too, of your specific example to walk you through it.

This is great! Thank you for your help.

If that worked for you please mark that answer as the solution so people can find it. Thanks!