Anchor links stop at the DIV above

Hey there,

I am having a problem to jump to different DIV in my project.

I think I’ve set up the ID of the sections and the links properly but it doesn’t seem to work properly…

A similar post was created before but the problem seemed to solved itself in NigelEvanDennis’s situation, not in mine though;).

Thank you in advance for your help!

Here is my site Read-Only:

Here is a gif of the problem :


The general behavior is when a Navbar link is clicked, the targeted section comes up to the bottom of the Navbar, because generally the navbar is a thin thing on top of the screen.

When your Navbar is a tall thing that takes up all the height of the viewport, well the targeted section will stop at its bottom, hence you thinking the behavior is buggy (but it’s expected).

Thankfuly, Webflow has an option for this. Check the following bow to make Webflow aware of your unusual structure:

Hello Vincent,

Thank you for the care you put in your response.

Unfortunately the problem persist even with the “Menu fills page height” toggled on.
When I click on the “CONCEPT” button in the vertical navbar, it has a very small drop down but doesn’t go all the way to the second section…

What is curious is that when I publish the site, it seems to work better and shoes the section in full :

Is there a way to make sure the site will properly drop down in the designer?
I’m sorry if the questions are a bit unexperienced, it is my first site on the platform;).

Thanks in advance for you answer (or anybody else)