Navbar symbol displaying differently on two different pages


I wonder if I can get some quick help please…

Both these pages are using a navbar in a symbol. Yet the font size of the nav links is displaying differently…

I’m a bit of a loss figuring out what’s going on. Any help would be much appreciate, thank you.

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Hey @GrahamCox , looks like you are using the Wizardry method by Timothy Ricks. It’s actually a small oversight to fix this issue.

In your home page, you have a global symbol that contains CSS to adjust the font-size at smaller viewports. You have not added this to your other pages. Just add the global symbol to all of your pages and your Nav should work as intended.

Hi imtiazraqib,

Thank you very much for answering that so quickly. Really appreciate the help, cheers.


Anytime my friend, glad I could help! Happy Designing :grin: :+1:

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