Element within symbol changing from page to page

Hey everyone!

I made a symbol as a NAV bar. The symbol is on all the pages (bar home page) but the logo seems to move slightly on just one page…https://www.giantfeats.co.uk/coaching
If you click through the other pages the logo, top right, stays put only on the coaching page it jumps.

Seems strange that a symbol would change just for one page? It’s an issue with Chrome and Safari. Firefox seems unaffected by it.

Thanks in advance!!

Here is my site Read-Only: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/giant-feats?preview=90cee4d4af73d7dd2e0e397386b78bdf


Hi there,

Thank you so much for reaching out about your nav bar symbol looking different on pages.

Happy to help!

I noticed that there is some custom code added to the Coaching page that is causing the little jump:

Once the custom code is removed, or modified, you can re-publish your project to no longer have the change in logo placement from page-to-page.

Hopefully this is helpful :bowing_man:


Thanks Mister Create! That sorted it right out. Forgot I was messing with the custom code earlier on.

Thanks for the help.

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No problem!

Glad I could help! :bowing_man:

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