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Amending Fixed navbar but can't see it


Could I get some help please. On my website, I have a white navbar appear on scroll down. I’m trying to fix some positioning and colour issues but can’t figure out how to view it in the designer so I can easily see the changes I’m making. It’s the Fixed Navbar symbol. Share link below.

If anyone can show me the error of my ways I’d be very grateful.

Cheers, Graham

Hi Graham!
You know you can always email me :wink:
Here’s a quick demo;

Basically just find the “Fixed nav” green symbol in the Navigator tab, set it to Display:Block, do your changes, and then find the “fixed nav” green symbol in the navigator tab again, and set it back to Display:None.

Hi Rowan

Thanks for doing that so quickly. I will next time I promise :grinning:

Cheers, Graham

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