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Navbar scroll issue

Hello! i seem to be having a problem with my navbar interaction!!! i have watched all the tutorials but i can’t get it right! i would like my naave bar to show at the top of every section and when i scroll it would disapear until the next, except from the top page where i don;t want it to show! here is my public link: Any ideas???

i just put it on fixed and it worked! but that is not exactly what i want!!! i want it only to show on the top of each section!!! @cyberdave

Hi Athina,

You forget to make the Navbar Fixed. Easy to fix! Btw, nice design :smile:

thank you very much! it is actually my fist one so hopefully it will turn out ok! i put the navebar on fixed but what i am actually trying to do is to show it only on the top of the sections and then it would disappear because it gets mixed up with the text!!!

Hey @athina_tzan

Just remove the interaction from you IMAGE HOME class and make it again none

and add it to scroll con class this interaction. And you will see the nav show before te section

Hope this help!