Fixed Navbar Not Working

I’ve watched how to create a fixed navbar through videos and articles and have got it to work in the past with interactions. With the recent site I’m building I just can’t seem to have the navbar on scroll to display. Can someone take a peak at my site and see if there are any steps im missing?

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Double-Click your header navbar symbol… confirm that your editing it (top right red box: Navbar). Go down to Position (lower red box on the right) in the settings and click “Fixed”. Preview. Content now scrolls under the nav.

thanks for the reply itbrian40. So my goal is to have the navbar display after I scroll out of the hero section. I’ve set up the navbar the hero section and another called navbar scroll which should slide down and appear after the hero section. Not sure what is wrong with it :frowning:


This is not what you originally described. I’ll have to get back to you later or perhaps someone else can help you out.

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This is the video I modeled, but its still not working for me :frowning: It all makes sense but not work for some reason. Would you be willing to take a peak and see if you can see anything that is wrong?

Hi @achatham

I found some issues on your project

First of all you need to change the position of your Navbar to fixed

Then eliminate the interaction for the background video and leave it just for the hero section

The configuration for your interaction needs to be like this

Scroll out of view to pull your navbar down

Scroll into view to move the navbar up

and it should work:


Let me know if you need any more help



@aaroncampo you’re my hero! Thanks sooo much. I know I had a hiccup somewhere I messed up. #Rockon


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