FIexed navbar scroll to right spot on section

I have a site where i put a fixed navbar and im trying to get it to work so that when i click on a link in the header it scrolls to the appropriate spot on the section. Problem is it is hidden behind the header. Ive tried and tried to get it working so im reaching out for help.

Here is the webflow link

Im using chrome browser.

In the image ive clicked the link, but the whole section is not visible.

Hope this is clear enough


Hi @oceanandsnowdesign

For make section scroll not to top of the screen but to the bottom of the navigation, you will have to change “relationship” of elements a little bit. Header (with tag header) should have position:fixed, and navigation inside of it should be with position:absolute. Giving header height in px that will save navigation styling and it is done.

In this way Header “grab” that area from the screen and all sections will scroll to the bottom of header. (sorry for my English)

Here is screencast how I did that:



Wow, thank you so much Sabanna! Nailed it :wink:

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