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Navbar links disappeared

Hello guys,
on my page while I was designing it navbar links disappeared in desktop toggle view. Don’t know how to view them and on the other hand in other toggle views in open menu button other sections are shown below menu bar? How can I fix this? Please help and thank you very much! My page is

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Click on this link; and share a read-only link so we can see.

Hello, here is link of my site

also I have noticed when I edit a apge on my latop everything is ok, I mean header and menu section are full on body, but on desktop computer there is a little bit of white space after header…hmm what could it be? and this background photo is very hard to centralize on right side :frowning: and it changes for every toggle view

I ve looked around didnt see what you did wrong but no need to figure out either. Just add another navbar element and copy its nav menu inside the old navbar’s container. then style it. easy peasy.

for the 2nd white line after header. there is an outer glow in menu section (navbar Container)

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