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My nav bar disappears in mobile version

Hey All,


My desktop experience is just about done, and I’ve moved on to the mobile & tablet versions. Right away, I’ve noticed my nav menu disappears on the mobile version. Some forums stated that it could be hidden behind the logo, but I’ve moved the menu around and still can’t seem to see it.

Here are 2 screenshots indicating the problem:

Can you help me figure out how to resurrect my nav menu from the digital cemetery of the mobile version?

Thank you in advance!

What do is your official site link? :wink:

Hey, Vladimir,

Thank you for any assistance.

This is what I see on my iPhone. Where is the error? :wink:

Hi, @WellnessGangster.

Your menu has a setting to “collapse” on mobile devices. It means it should become a “hidden” and only show menu button, which people call “hamburger”.
It looks like you deleted that mobile menu button and in this way you lost the ability to open the menu.


Hey Vladimir,

If you look at the desktop version, there is an entire nav menu besides the “more” option. As you can see, it disappears on the mobile version.

Thank you for your response, Sabanna.

Do you know how to change the “collapse” setting?

If it cannot be changed, how to I “reactivate” the hamburger option, or what is the best way to remedy the problem?

Thank you in advance.

For removing the collapsing settings you have to go to settings panel of navbar element and change the position of this pointer:

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Yes! That did it! Thank you so much for your assistance.

Case closed!

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