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Menu Bar not showing properly on mobile

Hello everybody,

I am designing a prototype in Webflow, primarely to understand it’s architecture and see if can be used in my professional workflow. So I am finding a bit of difficulties with a couple of issues, but one is really driving me crazy. It’s about the menubar, which is really the same from the template I started from. While it’s showing properly in Desktop version (with a coloured fill to make the text visibile on critical backgrounds), in the mobile version, which has the very same properties and class, it doesn’t. Can’t figure out why.

May somebody help me see this trough

Thanks a lot

Here’s a link to the test site
I can’t seem to understand how to create a link to which you can access to see my “code” though :confused:

Go to the dashboard and click on the “share” icon up in the top right of the website you need help with. Then toggle the button to allow sharing. Copy that link and paste it here and myself and others will take a look.

Thank you very much! Here is the link

Here’s a screen capture that should help you! :smile:

BTW, I had to click on the button several times in order to be able to edit the bg and font color. I’m not sure but maybe that is because you have it as a symbol.

OH! So that’s the point. I was changing the menu background color while I should have changed the NavBar background color. What a…

Thank you so much!

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