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Hamburger Menu Not Showing

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When I switch to any view other than desktop, the hamburger icon doesn’t show up. It may have something to do with the fact that I have more than one top navigation element…

Can anyone give me some advice on how to get it to work?

Thank you!

Desktop view:

Tablet view:

Nevermind. Webflow found a bug right after I created my main navigation, and they fixed the bug, and I think I just have to recreate the main navigation to get things working.


My hamburger menu disappeared again when I switch to Tablet view.

The issue is the same as in the screen shots above.

Any ideas why this might be?

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looking into this now…

update: It seems like you’ve deleted the Menu button element.

I’m not sure what you mean… (It’s hard to discuss something that isn’t there! :grinning:)

Can you explain?

what you’ll need to do is… :smile:

  1. drag in another NAVBAR component into your page
  • Go to your tablet mode
  • Copy the MENU BUTTON element
  • delete that NAVBAR
  • double-click into your real navbar
  • paste the MENU BUTTON element into the NAVBAR

​Try these steps and let me know if you’re successful.

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I followed your steps, and the icon is now showing in tablet view, but it’s not connected to the nav links… In other words, when I click on it, nothing happens. How do I get it to function?

Right now, this is what it looks like in the Navigator panel:

try putting it under the nav-menu, but not in it.

Still no functionality…

I could try deleting the entire nav bar and re-creating it again (for a third time)…

@tkister, I would recommend building it alongside (above or below) the existing one for reference. You won’t have to recreate any of the styles, and you’ll be certain to have the hamburger menu there by default.

Okay. I’ll try it again…

OK, so I think I figured out what I was doing wrong (in case anyone else runs into a similar problem).

I made a mistake when moving the Navbar outside of the container, and moved everything visible in the Design window (Desktop mode), and forgot to move the item called “Menu Button” (as shown in the Navigator panel).

So, lesson learned: Use the Navigator panel when moving navbar elements outside of the default container.

Thanks for your help! :grinning:

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Glad you figured it out. Thank you for posting the solution for others–that was awesome of you!

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