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Navbar link item not displaying current state

My navlinks on the current page are not being populated with the current class so they can not be styled. This is a new bug because as you can see I was able to style it previously (the font is bold).


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @dapitts08,

Can you please share the site Read-Only links, so that we can take a look and help further?

Thanks in advance!

Sure. I updated the original post.

Looks like you’re using custom code to create a few CSS styles under the Page Settings:

Adding a new Navbar, seems to fix the issue, which suggests that the classes and CSS styles you’re using might be generating a conflict with the pre-built Navbar Element styles:

I’d suggest either checking your custom code or add a new Navbar Element.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

my custom code has nothing to do with the navbar. i have commented it out to show that it has absolutely no affect on my issue.

this is an obvious bug as people have been having issues with the navbar for the past couple of weeks. so are you saying my only solution is to recreate my navbar which has been working absolutely fine for over a month until now?

If you use the drop down to the right to see all classes, can you access it from there?
I was able to see them and then select the Current class to change the styles.

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omg!! you are right…thank you. i ended up just removing my dark class all together and restyling because trying to go up the chain wasn’t allowing me to change the color of the font without affecting all the non-current nav links but now I am good to go. still don’t understand why current is being applied to the original nav item class and not the combo class. as many websites as i have built with webflow, i don’t recall this happening before.

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