I can't access the current class on my drop down nav links


I’m having some trouble with accessing the current class on my nav links on my mobile dropdown menu. They are stuck on blue and I have no idea how to fix them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Hey do you mean the Wedding props nav link that is blue?

I’m just playing about with now and trying to add in another nav, its the state that automatically applies on the drop down items when you link the pages. If you click home and got to tablet view and select the drop down menu it’s those links that are causing the problem. Current is not appearing for me to change and changing the none state appears to have no effect.

Maybe there is some clash because you are using 2 navbar menu’s. I was able to get one of them to work.

Yes, that’s it thank you! Because I was just hiding the first nav on the other screens I didn’t realise but the two seemed to be linking so when I made the display on the dropdown of the first nav visible I was able to make changes there that automatically applied to both for some reason which is fixing the problem.


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