Current state not showing

Lots of people can’t access the “current” state. Frustrating it can’t just be selected from the dropdown menu like the other states.

I want to change the text to white on the current state. Like this:

Instead of this:

Sometimes it applies the white when I preview, as soon as I close the menu and try again it reverts to the blue :angry:

Yep this is a long-standing bug I’ve alerted Webflow support to a few times. Typically the main problem is access it in mobile navs.

Your best bet is to setup a temporary link element with the classes you want and direct it to point to the current page. Then style it however you like. I keep these on a style guide page so that they’re reusable when I need to adjust things later.

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Ah ha, makes sense as I set the hamburger menu for desktop. That’s why looking at other posts didn’t seem to work for many others.

Thanks for letting me know it’s a bug, I was going crazy over it. So the answer is there is no solution, only hacks around it

Correct, you’re not doing anything wrong and it used to work fine until an update about 3 years ago.

Webflow emailed me back! Here’s the solution:

The "Navbar" has a button to open/close the "Nav-menu" for all the breakpoints. At the moment, there is a bug where the 'current' state doesn't activate when viewing the opened Nav-menu. 
In order to activate the 'current' state, you'll first need to be on the same page as one of the nav-links. Next, you'll want to either leave the Nav-menu closed and select the Nav-link via the navigator to activate the state. Or you can temporarily hide the menu icon for the desktop breakpoint to view your changes on the Nav-link. 

It worked for me!