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Nav link issue - "Current" styling not an option

I’m having an issue getting some nav links styled. For some reason I can’t style the link for the current page. Whenever I got to that page, the nav link doesn’t list “current” or any other class. Here is a quick video:

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi @Chett

Thanks for posting here. Our Support team received your email regarding this issue and responded with a workaround while we look into the issue.

Here’s that workaround once more if you’ve not seen it (using Chrome):

  • Select one of the affected nav links and make sure you see the current styles
  • Use the selector to select the All Links selector and ensure Current is enabled for it
  • Clear out any of these styles (in this case it looks like text underline is enabled)
  • Save changes
  • Open the inspector (right click and press inspect)
  • Right click on to the refresh button and select Empty cache and hard reload
  • Check the nav link — should be good to go!

Hope this helps and let me know if you have questions on these steps.

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Hi @Chett

We have now pushed a live fix for this issue - could you try logging out and back in to Webflow, reloading the project and testing if this is now fixed for your site?

Feel free to post here or via our email thread with the update, and thanks for your patience with this.


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