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Current Link in Nav Bar

The Current Link state. I been trying to fix the color of the current class from within the Webflow designer, but after following instructions on the university and in the forums I haven’t been able to do so.
I know how to do this with custom code, but the problem is that I’m developing my template for the Webflow marketplace and they require to have no custom code.

This is a known bug that has been around for several years.

Any known solutions from within the designer? Thank you.


hi @Marcelovv2 common practice to gat accurate response that can solve your issue is to share "read only link and if is possible post short video or images.

If I understand correctly you struggle with creating custom style for current state without custom code.

I didn’t watch WF tutorial but here is how it can be done natively in WF.

Hope that this is you are looking for

hi @Marcelovv2 if you do not need further assistance with your issue please close your request as solved

Hi Stan, Thank you for your reply and sorry for making you wait but I was busy with other work.
Here is the link for a new sample project that I created and the same behavior is happening again.

hi @Marcelovv2 here is video where i do everything from scratch so I hope that wiil be more explanatory to grasp. Feel free to download it for later reference as I will be removing this video when clean up Cloud storage.

Hey Stan thank you for your quick reply, I follow your steps and BANG! the current tag appears. But now what I have found is that the ‘current’ tag stops appering once you convert the navBar to a symbol.

hi @Marcelovv2 just double-check your settings again as it should work when you inside your symbol.

Stan I see that If I have the menu on desktop the current state does shows up when a symbol is created, so that part is good. However the behavior is not consistent, I’m not changing any settings for this simplistic example. I see that if the link is selected while the menu is open for the mobile view the tag will not show up, if its closed it will.

I’m going to close this subject, thank you for your help.

hi @Marcelovv2 now I see that there is a glitch WF team should look into.

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