Navbar / Homepage Navlink always showing as current

I have been trying to trouble shoot this for a few hours now.

Basically no matter what navbar I use, after I select the pages for each navlink the first/home navlink will always stay highlighted. I have only changed the current styling. It works as intended very briefly but once I preview the site it continues to not work.

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!

Screenshot 2024-02-01 at 1.12.58 PM
Screenshot 2024-02-01 at 1.13.03 PM


I’m having the exact same issue! The home navlink always stays highlighted no matter which page you are at. This can be recreated with a newly created page too so I believe it’s a bug

I just tampered around and reloaded the webflow page a few times. It turns out closing multiple webflow instances in different tabs seems to solve the issue!

Nope it is back again after some reload! It is definitely a bug!!!


I’ve had this problem too but only while using the preview mode. If you publish your site does the problem still occur?

Yes, I have the same problem. It is now in all my projects.

Is there a solution for this? Having the same problem

Having the same issue as above. This is a VERY annoying issue on a webflow feature that is hard to have control over when wanting to use the Current style functionality.

I’m having this same issue. Any efforts to resolve this?

Same issue here and no way to resolve it… Pushing this up

Has anyone tried any other solution yet?

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I am also messing with this. Any solution so far on it?