Home button is always set to current - even when not on home

Hi, I have this strange problem in my nav menu. When I link the home button to the home page, it always ends up in “current” state, even when I’m not on the home page.

In the screenshot below, I am on the “offerings” page, but because home is also showing as current, the colored highlighting of the text is incorrect (dark blue instead of black). Does anyone know how to fix this?

Here is my site read only link: Webflow - Trulitica

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Strangely, my read-only link doesn’t reproduce this problem. Wonder if it’s a bug of some sort in my UI.

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A few people reporting similar issues lately but I don’t see it anywhere live.
Try publishing your site and see if it happens there.

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Looks like the issue isn’t happening on published live site either. I think I’ll consider this resolved for now. Thanks

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also experiencing this issue. Doesnt appear on published site, but in editor Home link has current tag on other pages

All of this may be an artefact of localization. Check to see if you have a default locale set under your designer site settings ( bottom left gear wheel ).

I answered a post this morning relating to path truncation which I think is also a glitch relating to localization’s new path-formation mechanics.