Nav Menu 'Current' state for homepage stuck on

Hi Everyone!

I’m having an issue with my website. The Nav Menu links, as most do, have the ‘Current’ state however, the links that are connected to the homepage are permanently stuck in the current state. So regardless of which age you are on, any of the homepage links still have the current state in the style selector.

Has anyone run into this before? And if so, is there a solution?

Many Thanks!

Hey George, you’ll need to share your readonly designer link and a published site link in order for anyone in the community to help.

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I’m having this issue on one of my sites as well. Any solution?

It only seems to be doing this in the designer and not on the published site. So I guess it’s not a worry other than a slight nuisance.


I am having this issue, is there any solution or reason why when a page is set as ‘Home’ that link in navigation on all pages is set as ‘Current’? How can I fix this?

Refresh the browser window seems to help. It’s a bug that started showing up after Localization was rolled out.