Responsive Symbols

Loving Webflow so far but looking for some beginner advice on responsiveness on symbols. I’ve got a menu that works great across multiple screens. It have 2 logos, wide and narrow for the respective screen size. I have it working great on the homepage but when I move it to a new page, both logos show at all break points. Are the show/hide settings I made for each breakpoint only good for the homepage? It will have dozens of pages and it seems like it should apply to all pages. Thanks in advance.

If you’re styling a link element that links to the page you’re on (like the BRAND element linked to the homepage, on the homepage), you’re not just styling the class of that element, but the class of element with the CURRENT status, because you’re on the target page of the link.

You need to style links without being on their target page, if you want the styling to propagate on all items of the same class.

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Thanks so much for the help here!