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RESOLVED: Having Problems with Navbar Visibility with breakpoints 2, 3 and 4


EDIT: I’ve found a solution. I just had to move the Navbar Symbol out of the parent element onto the Body. :grin:


Hello Forums!

So, I’m having an interesting issue in which I cannot seem to see my navbar Symbol on breakpoints other than that of the desktop. My issue is occurring on the “AVBotz” page of my project and I’m wondering if it’s the result of a few bad layout design habits.

So the element is linked to the Symbol “AVB-navbar-element” which seems to be working/at least showing on the other breakpoints of the other pages of the AVBotz group. I cannot seem to find what is going wrong on the main page, however. I’ve linked a video and my Read-Only link below so that you can hopefully help me to see what is going on. Thanks for any help; if you have advice on how I can improve my layout/structure, please let me know.

Read Only: removed
Screen Grab:


I wish I’d found this forum post yesterday (not sure why I wasn’t able to find it), this is EXACTLY what was happening to me, this needs to be mentioned somewhere with more visibility.

NOW I understand why the previous designer had TWO nav bars on the site. Thank you for posting this!

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