Nav Bar Is a different size on each page I put it on asset usage or not

My navbar resizes on different pages. I have tried making it a symbol but even that didn’t work so that means it’s probably something to do with the width / height of something.

If you check my read only link I have now tried inserting the nav bar on different pages with the same settings. The immediate thing to notice is that on different pages the menu links sit at the top of the nav while on the home page they sit in the middle without me doing that on purpose.

Please take a look and offer any advice.

Thank you.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Airocide Version 1

You’ve got different Nav bar classes on different pages. Make them all the same class and apply a style and that should work

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I had the same problem and I realised that the only way to efficiently examine the situation was to open the webflow site in another window and do side-by-side comparisons from the homepage and any other page that this was occurring one.

It always seems to be the sub pages triggering the “Current” state of some element of my navbar symbol. I must have made a style change on the current state, and it doesn’t apply to the home page.

Odd trap, but once you know :wink:

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