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Nav to page doesn't work on one item when published

This is my first post, first build so please be gentle.

I’ve built my nav and it all works fine in the preview, but when I publish it, I can’t access one of the pages from the nav.

I’ve deleted that page, rebuilt it, deleted the nav, re added it… I am a bit lost now.

Here’s a link to it:

Any help much appreciated

Hi @AndyJ,

Welcome! Are you able to share a link to the published site? Also, which page are you not able to access from the nav?

Hi @blakelam

Here’s the published site:

If I try to select ‘About’ goes to ‘Services’. I hope I’m not being stupid!


That’s very strange. It looks like there’s some sort of redirect happening.

I checked the custom code for the About and Services pages and don’t see anything there. Do you have any 301 redirects set up on the Hosting tab of the Project Settings page? Is there any custom code in the Project Settings that could be causing a redirect?

Not sure how that happened, but yes there was redirected on the hosting. Deleted, cleared cache and all working!

Thanks @blakelam

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