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Nav link points to clients current site even though it's not published yet?

Hi, something a bit weird is happening in webflow for me. One of my Nav Links ‘Apprenticeships’ is set to a page called ‘All Apprenticeships’ but when I publish the webflow domain so a colleague can view it the nav link goes to the companies current home page of their website and not the ‘Apprenticeship’ page it’s pointing to. Has anyone got any idea why/how this is happening? The site isn’t published to a custom domain yet.

Here’s my link

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Can you share your live, link too?

Yes of course -

Did that help to figure out what has happened?

Sorry this took me so long to respond to. Did you get this figured out? When I click your apprenticeships link, it takes me to:

Which seems like what you were wanting it to do, no?

Hi @myonke it seems to have resolved itself. I still have no idea why it was happening :slight_smile:

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