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Link going to wrong page

Having a real strange issue where my main nav links are working fine in preview, but when I publish, the ‘CONTACT’ page keeps linking to ‘ABOUT’ - can’t figure this out - any ideas?

When you look at this in Webflow you’ll see that the link works fine - but if you try on the live/published site you’ll see CONTACT goes to ABOUT…

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey Owntone

Looks like you got a 301 redirect set up at Try to delete this redirect inside of your project settings > hosting > 301 redirect


That did it!!! Thanks so much Davidlin_ch12 you’re the best!!!

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Ok now this is bizarre, again I’m getting that same link going to the wrong page again. Checked the redirect in hosting and there are none there this time - this problem went away after clearing redirects but now is back #%@%@ help!

It works fine in preview mode which makes it even harder to troubleshoot.

I’ve now rebuilt the navbar and relinked everything thinking maybe that would fix it, changed any reference to what was there etc… everything points to the right link including the hover link you see in lower left of browser window (it shows the correct link) but when I click CONTACT it links to the ABOUT page still!! I’m stumped.

Everything is working fine for me. Maybe it’s your browser cache?

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You’re kidding me! It can’t be that simple… ugh, yeah it was. It’s been a long week - thanks for the tip, I’m taking a break now :wink:


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