Page not found from nav link in nav bar

I’m a newb. Had been making nav bars on each individual page. Dug in and learned how to make one as a component and reuse across all pages. Looked great. Nav Links set up just as I had with my individual nav bar links. (there are only a few) If I put in an IP address they work. If I assign a page that they’re to navigate to and go into view mode (click on the eye icon in the top left) I get “Page not found The page you are looking for doesn’t exist or has been moved.”
I can’t figure out why this is happening.
Someone please help the newb!

You really can’t navigate effectively in Preview mode in the designer, best to do that in your published staged site. However here are a few things that might help regarding your nav design;

Thank sir! I’ll have to figure out how to share a read-only link. In the mean time I’ll get rid of those rogue nav links that I’d left there because I know I’ll need them in the future and due to my novice status wasn’t sure how to re-add them once removed. I believe I have that bit figured out now. I am surprised about the navigation difference between published and design states because when I’d built the links separately and with nav bars on each page the links worked fine. They just went south when I built the component. That being said I understand that it is what it is and I’ll use the published link to test those going forward and stop beating my head against my keyboard.
I’m very grateful for your help!