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Nav link get cuts out on mobile landscape or screen real estate when less

Hi, so to be precise, not all nav links on mobile landscape showing up. The picture below is showing the issue:

Picture below is what it should look like:

So I found issue occurs when the viewport height is not enough and user need to scroll to see all the nav links, but on mobile portrait where viewport height is enough this issue doesn’t occur!

Here’s the read-only file:

Please let me know. Thanks

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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All 4 menu items show (are visible) when viewing in all 5 views, including Mobile (L).

Sorry for not mentioning earlier but this happens on published site, webflow’s own domain. Please see it on your mobile browser on landscape mode or by the help of chrome developer tools where you can manage screen size:

Looks fine here on an iPhone 12 pro max in Mobile (P) and in Mobile (L)

Chrome width narrowed to mobile width >>

Yes it works fine until you have screen real estate enough but when these nav links go outside of the viewport in landscape mode it starts bothering. I checked it iPhone SE on chrome and then iPhone 12 pro and that’s what I see, if you can see it on any mobile device landscape view you may find the issue but it will only happen if the viewport is not enough and you need to scroll. Here’s the image of my test with chrome developer tools which you can access by CMD + Option + I on mac.