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Last menu item not displaying on portrait and landscape view

Hello all

I have a website that has a drop-down menu at the top and is performing well except that on portrait and landscape views the last menu item is getting cut off and I can’t seem to find a setting that will allow me to scroll to see the last item.

Please find below a link to preview my website.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Thank you

Welcome to the community!

Updating the Nav Menu 2 element so that it’s got a set height and changing the overflow to Auto will give you the ability to scroll when items within it are taking up more than the avilable height.


This is a less-than-graceful solution that I’d recommend against, but it should solve your problem. Just remember that the height of your navigation link container should be small enough that the extra size of your navigation doesn’t push it off the page—something that’s hard to guarantee with certain older mobile phones that may have shorter screens.

Based on your site navigation structure (with nested links that could easily increase the height beyond 100% of the viewport height when they’re all expanded) and the size of your logo on mobile, I’d recommend taking a stab at tweaking the mobile navigation presentation instead. If you had the menu take up the entire viewport height (height: 100vh) for example and kept the overflow: auto setting, you’d not only get more room for all of the links but probably minimize or even eliminate the need for scrolling all together.

Thank you very much for your speedy advice. I tweaked the mobile navigation presentation as you described and it worked. You are correct that I am viewing this on an older phone that has a short screen.