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Nav-bar page links

Hello everyone, I’ve been trying to set the current state of my page links to yellow, instead of the grey when your on that page. Can’t seem to do that, I can change the focused color to yellow but that only works when you press on the page twice, witch is not what i’m looking for.
would love to get help in resolving my current challenge.


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You have to link it to the page you’re on temporarily in order to activate the current state, then you can style it and then you can remove the link. If you simply link your home button to the home and go to the homepage and click the link it’ll automatically activate the current state.

Hello DFink, thank you for your response. This is what I’m looking for but the other way around.Capture
it lets me change my non state to yellow, witch is great because after I’ve pressed the state changes to grey for my current page. But i want to know how to make that current page grey yellow. That option i cant find.

Hey DFink, I realized that viewing my project from the editor, was the reason the pressed option went back to grey and not yellow. Publishing it gave me a better view on what the project would look like in real world. Thank you so much for your help.

You simply need to select a link to the page you are on to see the current state and style it. Selecting other links that don’t go to the page you’re on will give you the default styling.