How to change the nav bar link state color?

Hi! I would like to modify the nav link’s state color but failed to do so.

The nav link changed to a default blue color when scrolling to the corresponding section, and the all the state option is not responsible for the color.

Thanks if anyone could help!

Here is my site Read-only

Hi, Rae! Welcome to the forum. Happy to help with the link state styling issue you’re having.

There is another link state that the Designer doesn’t provide ready access to, “Current”, which as the name states means that “if you’re currently on this page, style the link this way”. Here’s how I get around this:

  1. Head to your home page in the designer.

  2. Add a new link and link it to your home page. (We’ll delete this later, don’t worry.)

  3. Check the style panel and see that this link now has a Current class selector applied.

  4. Style however you’d like this Current state to look, and then delete the link.

Hope this helps! Let me know if I can clarify anything for you.