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How to indicate the buttons as "current page" on the navigation bar?

Hi again webflow team,

I am now fixing all the problems on my portfolio site.

There is a navigation bar on the top of my website. The buttons are “Portfolio”, “About” and “Contact”.

I edited hover effects on Styles. When people mouse over it will become a turquoise colour.

Following the concept on the above, I tried to change the styles setting on the same place where I did the “Hover”. I found “Focused”, “Pressed”. However it doesn’t change any colours even I tried to change other colours on the “Focused” and “Pressed” status.

Here is my web:

Hope to hear from you soon.


I am pretty sure all you have to do is add a state called current. If everything is correctly set up. You should be able to just add it like you add a state. Hope this helps. :grinning:

Hello again, @dorothylei :slightly_smiling:

When the page (or section) and link, which connecting to this page (or section) are on the same screen view, then link will have CURRENT state.

For example, menu link, which brings you to the home page will have current state when you open the home page.

Hope it helps.


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If you don’t have this automatically, I’m pretty sure you could connect the links in the Settings tab. Does this make sense? :grinning:

Hi @sabanna and @VLADinSACRAMENTO

Sorry I still cannot figure out that… I added a combo style in the style as “Current”
and they change all the buttons at the same time… but what I want it should look different when I am on that current page to indicate which page the user is looking at.

Sorry I am not a programming people so I may need more guidance here…

Many thanks

Hi @dorothylei, here is a quick video, does this help?

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