Nav bar link not behaving

I have a navbar with 2 links, home and about they are both white

on the tablet view i want to make them blue with a white background when the hamburger menu opens
it only works for the about link. the home link stays white from, i found out that when i disconnect the home button from linking to the homepage, i get the desired result in the hamburger menu, but now its not a link

under link settings for the home button, i can choose the page link i want(homepage) and unchoose it and see the colours of the hamburger menu home link turn white and then turn blue. why is the choosing of the links changing the colour.

does anyone have any ideas whats going on?

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Hi @hogarth_heathan,

It sounds like you’ve set different styling on the ‘Current’ state, you can read more about it here:

If you send through a read-only link I can have a closer look for you!

Ive read through the link, maybes its not laymans enough for me, but ived tried eveything, nothing is helping, this has been 4 hours of trying to search for an answer, how do i delete the green state beside the link? and have it still link to my homepage, this is really confusing. and not intuitive.

edit, i figured it out i had to select the home link and then under element settings select and link it to homepage even tho it was already linked to homepage by clicking off of it and back on, that got the green current state to pop up while i had the hamburger menu opened. really annoying.