Problem with sidebar menu and Current state


I am having some issues with my burger-menu sidebar.
I cannot seem to access current state. The navbutton turns blue, but i cant edit it.
The only functional buttons are “hjem” and “digital markedsføring”.

It’s probably something studpid, but i can’t find my way around that. This is the first time “current” hasn’t popped up automatically…



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Hi Karl,

You have 2 distinct symbols on the Navbar, one for the icon and another one for the Nav Menu.
Unlinking the elements from the symbol, then removing the home link and setting it again, did the trick.

Maybe you should keep the Navbar into one symbol only, instead of splitting the components.

Hope this helps.
By the way love the layout :wink:

Hey, Nita

Thank you! The solution didn’t work immediately, so I had to refresh the page, for some reason, before the “current” state showed up again.

Thanks for the comment about the layout as well :smiley:

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