Navigation Component inheriting current style


My site navigation seems to be not working properly. As I understand it the green current style is an indicator that the element has a link pointing to a current page or one visible in the viewport. Even when on different static page the home link is getting the ‘current’ style.

Anyone know how to resolve this issue?


(Webflow - Piper Website)

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hi @Piper this can happen if you changing styles of current and than swap to different page without unfocusing current state. This means that when current state of home page is still active and you swap to work page that becomes current both pages have state of current .

It is a bug that does not automatically un-focus state when changing a page. Once you are done with current just click any element to let green indicator of current state disappear.

I have checked your read only and states works as expected.

Ahh interesting. Thanks for the clarification. Seems to be working properly when unfocusing the element.

Thank you @Stan