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Fixed navbar shows up on top of website on its own

Hey Webflow,

I’ve just started playing around with Webflow and I’m really loving it. Although I recently encountered a bug which is really getting in the way of my progress with a website.

I created that Fixed Nav that shows up when you scroll into a certain element, and hides when you scroll out of that element. Here’s your tutorial which I followed (Nav Appear As You Scroll):

Everything works fine and dandy but as soon as I scroll back to the top of the website, the fixed nav shows up again. I tried a lot of different things to fix this, but I think it’s definitely a bug. Please shed some light on this and let me know if you need more information.

Here’s the link to this website:

Here are some snapshots of the problem:

This is what it should look like when on top of the website; the fixed nav is hidden:

This is where the fixed nav should appear; when the section after the slider scrolls into view:

Here’s the problem, after coming back to the top of the website again, I see the fixed nav popping into view again with no explainable reason. As you can see it sits on top of the previous navbar:

Link, public share link? Anything?

@Sherbaz Using a simple script to add a certain class on scroll has been found to be a more efficient way to achieve this. See the below topic;

Sorry I forgot to add that. Added it now. :smile:

Also have a read-only-link?

Hey that’s cool Alex! I’ll use that for now. But my main intention for sharing this bug is so the guys at Webflow fix it. It’s always very convenient to have functionality that’s supposed to be native, work native-ly and without the use of external scripts.

I hope they fix this bug, I’ve shared the link of my website too now. Is there a better way of reporting bugs?

Yes here it is. Thanks I’ll remember to share it as a read-only link next time. Have a look and please inform me if I’m doing something wrong. :slight_smile:

Yeah, as I thought, you have your interaction on TWO elements.

Check your “H2” Element within > Content-Container -> Section -> Site Wide -> and remove the interaction.

Then it should be fine. Its not a bug :D.


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Woops! I must have put it in there accidentally. Thanks so much for going in there and spotting the problem!

I think I would have spotted this problem if they would allow me to see a list of all elements on which this interaction was applied. This is a feature request I guess. Is there a way to do this already?

Nope but it was already posted on the “Wish Forum” as well.

Would be so handy! :slight_smile:

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