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Nav bar going wrong again

I’m a patient man, I love solving problems, learning new stuff. I have been in computers since the 80s, created websites since 1994 using Pagemill and done over 50 sites using Webflow ( a system I love) BUT: the nav bar does my head in.
Usually when it goes wrong, which it frequently does, I simply replace it and carefully rebuild it, hoping I don’t press the wrong button again.
Today simply clicking on the hamburger icon and renaming it stopped the slide menu from showing. Why? This is a brand new class; I haven’t done anything yet…
When I have time I am going to try to figure out how to make the nav bar from scratch so I can control my own code, until then I have to suffer this opaque and mysterious nonsense until it breaks down again.
Sorry, rant over. Bad day.

Hello, sorry you feel this way, although in order for us to look into your problem and help you as a community we will need to see your specific problem, may you please share your read only link with us? Thanks! :sunglasses:

Here you go:

Thanks for your help on this, but I have now completely given up on the standard nav bar! I have created my own with its own slider and I will use that as a template going forward.

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