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Nav Bar Issues - Nav Bar Opens Halfway Down the Page

So my navigation bar works perfectly on desktop, but I can’t get the hamburger to open properly on my home page.

When I use the same nav bar on other pages, it opens perfectly. Can’t figure out where the conflict is happening.

When you click on the hamburger button, instead of their being a dropdown menu just below the nav, the dropdown shoots down about half a screen where it works great. Can’t figure out how to make it dropdown just below the nav bar.

Can anyone help me?

Here is my site Read-Only:


Can you help? I would appreciate any insight, or video links if someone has already fixed this glitch before.

Hello William,

I took a quick look and although I’m not completely sure what the full problem occurring is, I can tell you how to fix it.

Go to your home page in the editor and in the navigator on the left, select your section called “Navbar”.

-Now, look over at the top right and you’ll see a selector also called “Navbar” in blue. - Delete this and then add a new selector (like “NewNavbar”) Make sure you delete the selector and make a new one, don’t duplicate or rename.

After, look just above where you were just editing the selector and you’ll see 4 tabs, one with a cog wheel - select that one (make sure you are still selected on the navbar on the left in the navigator).

About half way down on the “cog wheel” panel, you’ll see a section called “Navbar settings” - in this section you’ll see an option that says “menu type” and it is currently on “Over right” - Switch this to “Drop Down”.

This seems to correct the problem on my end. Let me know if there’s any more difficulties and I’ll take another look.


Jeff Wagar


Jeff, thank you so much! It works perfectly now!

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