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Every new day that I work with web flow, sometimes something works, something doesn’t. Like the hamburger menu I have worked on. Even if I go to backups, it may works within the next 5 minutes, then it doesn’t work. I have been wondering this for now over a week. Is this a bug?

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I’d recommend using the navbar element rather than building your own burger menu. It’s got the functionality that you’re looking for already built into it.

I have seen this great webflow site using this navigation. I basically use their concept:

The navbar is so limited esthetically. Did you suggest to use the regular navbar because of known bugs?

Yeah, that is an interesting implementation they have. Without having done so myself, I’d say most of the functionality that they have there would be achievable with the default element, but I’m sure that there’s a few things that wouldn’t quite be as fluid as what they have. I know the expand and collapse of the default menu can be a bit buggy, but it’s all about whether or not building your own would be worth the time, and whether or not what the custom option would be cross-browser compatible.

Try creating a navbar from scratch without using the Navbar widget. When you’re trying to do something this customized, it’s better to not use a widget since our widgets already has specific codes tied to them that may get corrupted.

Pixelgeek: I am trying to build from scratch like you’re suggesting and not use any element from the Navbar in Components.
But if I use a “Link Block” there are nowhere to find “Navbar Settings”. Your solution doesn’t make sense.

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