Mobile Menu Button Doesn't Work Anymore

I’m trying to start a job board and I’m having various problems with this, especially the nav bar. I finally think I’m in the clear, when my menu button decides that it doesn’t want to work.

I discovered this when I sent a friend to test it on their phone. Is there anyone who could take a look and tell me what’s wrong? Here’s the read-only link: Webflow - Health Collaborative Job Board

The customer support takes several hours to respond and I needed to launch this website from yesterday. When I actually hear from customer support, I feel like I’m getting generic instructions on what to do. I just need someone to tell me exactly what to do. I am not a developer and for the most part, I had to learn to navigate this template on my own.

Thanks to anyone and everyone who can help.

Hello Ellen :slight_smile:

I have taken a look, but I am struggling to rectify the issue as I am not sure what the end result is supposed to be.

There are currently 2 Navbars being use (one as a component and one that seems to have been duplicated and reworked). I also noticed that there are no Nav Links in your Navbar menu, so nothing will appear if you click it.

Please could you share a screenshot or image of the desired look - with the links for the menu - so that I can see what I can do. I hope to be able to give clear enough instructions following this :slight_smile:

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