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Nav bar creating responsiveness issues

HI All!

I have an issue with the responsiveness of my site and I can’t figure it out. In the designer the Nav bar and the rest of the site grow and shrink responsively no problem. But when publish the whole site gets a blank gap on the right at certain points. Screenshot below is at 800px width where the gap is massive.
Guessing it is the Nav bar that is messing it up, but can’t figure out why?

Here is my site Read-Only:
Published link:

Were you able to fix it since posting? Here’s what I’m seeing on your published site using chrome. Looks normal to me

Hi @sarahfrison,

No, is what you can see at full width?

The issue doesn’t happen at every width, it grows at certain widths and is maximum at around 1000px and 800px just before the media transitions.

I use Chrome as well and have been testing with Responsive debug feature.

Below screenshot is at 996px width in the published site on Chrome:

This is weird… Looking at it the normal causes for this issue aren’t there. Nothing overflowing off the edges as far as I can tell…