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Navbar doesn't respond properly on browser resize

Hi guys! I’d appreciate if some could help, or at least spot some light where to look at :slight_smile:

For some reason when the browser window is resized, the navbar doesn’t respond as expected. What I mean by that is that until some point (I bet 1200px, which is max-width of the container inside navbar) it works properly, but after that it seems not to read the 7% padding on the right hand side which it should. When it comes to the tablet/etc query, it also doesn’t show the menu button.
If webpage is refreshed though, it displays all correctly - not sure what to do and what’s the reason behind it. Attaching a screenshot of what I mean by incorrect behaviour.

Thanks a lot!

Read-Only link:

Got it sorted guys - for some reason after the interactions, the nav-container inherited fixed width of 1200px from somewhere, however the only 1200px mention was MAX-width for the container. I set the sizings of interactions on these elements to width-auto (although it wasn’t made to change first), and it got it fixed.