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Nav Bar Isn't responsive until I move below the tablet breakpoint

Hi! So I’ve been working on my portfolio site and come across a strange issue. For whatever reason when I resize the window the navbar doesn’t adjust its size accordingly (see picture below) until it reaches the tablet breakpoint. After that, it is completely responsive no matter what size you make the window.

I first started noticing the issue after adding animations to the navbar. But even removing the animations doesn’t fix the issue.

Any advice would be appreciated! Any feedback on the site itself is welcome :slight_smile:


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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This only happens if you resize your browser size after the page is loaded and you hovered over the navbar.
This is interactions releted, because you change some width properties with the mouseover (hover) interaction.

Removing the interarctions from the navbar fix this issue. Fixing the actual interaction itself would also fix the issue.

You could do that by changing the width from 0px to 100% in the interaction settings (size).

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Made that width change, works perfectly now!
Thank you

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