My website is loading very slow

For some reason, my website keeps loading very slow. It takes a while to load and then it jumps… really weird. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Looks like lots of large photos (about half of dozen of which are over 1mb) is the main issue here. The hero photo is 2.5mb for example and being rendered as a background image, meaning it is served at the maximum resolution.

The jump appears to be triggered by third-party code from what I can see, most likely the chat widget.

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OHH SHIT! Thank you so much. How did you find that out?

After loading the site I went into the Network tab within Chrome’s Developer Tools and arranged the files by on size. For the jump issue, I’m just assuming that’s the case but disabling that code and republishing your site will tell you for sure if it’s the culprit.