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Why is this simple page so laggy?

It takes a long time to load, and even on a fast computer seems to lag a lot when hovering over the elements.

All it is, is a grid with 1MB images on each and a simple hover state. Is there anyway I can speed this up?

12 images @ 6,201 KB can be an issue for users that don’t have a fast connection. Since the images are used as background images they can’t be optimized responsively.

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Oof yeah! Those images are HUGE! :grimacing:

If you’re on a mac, I would resize them physically first and the I recommend an app called ImageOptim You can drag your image files into it and it will reduce the file size dramatically (upt to 80% smaller) without making any noticeable difference to the image on the screen (lossless reduction) and then put them back in the same file for you (super quick too). is also a good online tool. Optimze your images and your site will speed up a lot :slight_smile: :fast_forward:

Google will likely drop you a ton too as images that size are definitely not mobile friendly.


Ooooh so it’s the images and not the animation? Thanks a lot team will try this out.

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Amazing, I am having this problem now. Thank you!