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Anyone know why my home page loads with a hitch?

Hey all,

Just trying to figure out why my home page is loading with a glitch. Here’s a quick screenshare showing the issue. It specifically looks like it’s affecting the horizontal image gallery.

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Thanks for any suggestions!

Your homepage use almost 10mb of images - slower loading time.

For Home [LOAD] animation - 1.2 seconds is “to slow”.

I think the jump is from this issue (Remove the scroll animation and test).
On chrome windows no “glitch” (What browser you use?)


Also try this loading animation option (Instead of start use finish):

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@Siton_Systems, thanks so much for the reply and helpful images.

Taking your suggestion, I decreased the image sizes by about 60%. I planning on doing this before the site was done, but decided to do it now to see if it was in fact the image sizes. It seems to fix the problem!

In your other screenshots, you mentioned 94 and 100. This is for the Nav element which has a height of 94 pixels, so 94 pixels and 100% are the same.

I do have one other question you may be able to help me out with. I have a page scroll animation on the horizontal hero gallery. As you scroll, it moves horizontally. When I reload the page, it looks like it’s scrolling down the amount of the nav height. The reason I have the nav started -94px or 100% is that setting it at that state in the interaction was causing a flicker. It showed the nav for a split second before it set it at its initial state. Here’s what I am talking about:

Any help is much appreciated! Thanks!